Invicta Watches Review

The Invicta 8926 is one of the best selling Invicta watches for men on the market, and it is not hard to tell why when you consider the incredible value that is on offer. The 8926 pro diver is basically a classical diver’s watch for an affordable price point, the aesthetics of the watch are unashamedly modeled after the famous Rolex Sub Mariner. The 8926 is water resistant up to 600 feet ensuring that it well suited for diving, it is important however that crown is screwed down in order to activate water resistance. invicta 8926 watch

The Invicta 8926 is automatic meaning it is made from mechanical parts and is powered kinetically and does not require batteries. Automatic watches are prized by watch enthusiasts and collectors alike,  due to the mechanical function and the fact that they are more similar to the first watches that were introduced before battery power was available. For a more in depth invicta watches review such as the 8926 please visit

The movement is a Japanese made and has 21 jewels that ensure great accuracy. The watch generally keeps time between -20 to + 40 seconds per day which is excellent for an automatic watch which tend to be slightly less accurate than Quartz.

The large case and dial of the watch ensures that it is easy to read and the hands and indices on the dial are painted with luminescent trinite, that illuminates in the dark. This is important for divers needing to tell the time in dark murky waters and is also helpful for those using the watch in the dark.

The crystal of the watch is made from mineral crystal, which is inferior to the crystal to Invicta watches’ sapphire fusion crystal but nevertheless provides great resistance against scratches and shock. Last but not the least the Invicta 8926 has a unidirectional bezel that divers can use too measure elapsed time.

All in all the Invicta 8926 is one of Invicta’s best watches, and provides excellent durability and accuracy to make it a superb choice for the active gentlemen or pro diver.